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Chevy Bolt EV Academy Video released by Chevrolet to share advantages of Bolt EV

Chevy Bolt EV Academy Video released by Chevrolet to share advantages of Bolt EV

Bolt EV Academy videos have been made available by Chevrolet on you tube and to share the advantages of a Electric cars with the current owners and future owners of Bolt EV. After reviewing the Bolt EV videos, Chevrolet’s new strategy to spread the knowledge of Bolt EV electric car seems extremely beneficial for people and Total of 15 Videos have been released which focuses on Bolt EV’s distinctive features, Driving tips, Types of Charging, Safety Technology.

Bolt EV Engineer’s and specialists created the videos who have developed the car which shows Chevrolet’s efforts to provide their customers with expertize. Suprisingly in the first quater of 2020 and during the Covid-19 Pandemic Chevy Bolt have seen increase in sales. Chevrolet not only focuses on Bolt EV however they are intending to create awareness regarding electric cars among people.

Please see list of videos below:

  1. 2020 Bolt EV: One Pedal Driving and Regen on Demand
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Pairing Your Phone With Bluetooth
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: myChevrolet Mobile App with Energy Assist
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Driver Information Center
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Cold Weather Tips
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: MICHELIN Selfseal Tires
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Reading the Display Screens
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Rear Camera Mirror and HD Surround Vision
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Personalizing Safety Technology Features
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Types of Charging
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Road Trip Charging
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Installing a Home Charging Station
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Home Charging Basics
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Cargo Space and Storage Areas
  1. 2020 Bolt EV: Activating OnStar
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