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BMW’s Upcoming Electric Cars by 2025

BMW’s Upcoming Electric Cars by 2025

Harald Krueger CEO of BMW Announced future of BMW electric vehicles launching by 2021. BMW is Electrified with 6 models already decided by 2021 whereas BMW intends to launch 25 Electric car models including Plug-in Hybrids by 2025. BMW is heading with full pace to generate future electric cars turning on electrification mode.
Electric Cars per BMW Electrification plan

MINI Electric: electric 2-door hatchback, to be launched in 2020 starting at $29,900, EPA Range: 110 Miles, 181 Horsepower with 32.64 kWh 350 V lithium-ion Battery.

Mini Electric

BMW iX3: The electric version of X3 crossover to be released in 2020, EPA Range: 273 Miles, 286 Horsepower with 70 kWh lithium-ion Battery.

BMW iX3 Electric

BMW i4: electric sedan based on the iVision Dynamics concept, EPA Range: 373 Miles, 530 Horsepower with 80 kWh lithium-ion Battery.

BMW i4 Electric

BMW i5: Anticipated Starting Price $55,000 and launch by 2021, EPA Range: 80/373 Miles, 544 Horsepower with 80 kWh lithium-ion Battery.

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BMW i5 Electric Concept

BMW i7 & i7S: Electric version of 7 series anticipated to be launched in 2022, Anticipated EPA Range: 384 Miles and Battery 120 kWh

BMW i7 Electric

BMW iNEXT: electric crossover, scheduled for 2021, EPA Range: 360 – 438 Miles, 120 kWh lithium-ion Battery.

BMW iNext Electric
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