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2020 Tesla Model 3

2020 Tesla Model 3


Model 3 makes history by Producing more than 1 million cars of it kind. its stunning performance, Styling, Features, pricing has made this car extremely favorable to customers. Model 3 alone is sold in the United States more than all electric cars combined which sets its mark as the #1 electric car in the world. Model 3 is delivered in 3 variants Standard Range Plus, Long Range and Performance where standard range starts from $33,690 inclusive of all incentives. Model 3 being an amazing car is available for a mind boggling price. Plus it has estimated EPA Range from 250 Miles to 322 Miles and 0-60 in just 3.5 Seconds. Exclusive Technology in a model 3 is its Dual Motor which ensure you keep going.

Tesla Model 3 Pricing, Engine and Performance

Model 3Standard Range PlusLong RangePerformance
Engine class:ElectricElectricElectric
Motor:211 kW258 kW340 kW
Horsepower283 HP346 HP450 HP
Torque:317 Lb-Ft389 Lb-Ft471 Lb-Ft
MPGe:148 City/132 Hwy124 City/116 Hwy120 City/112 Hwy
EPA Range:250 Miles322 Miles310 Miles
0 – 60 MPH:5.3 Seconds3.9 Seconds3.2 Seconds
Top Speed:140 MPH145 MPH162 MPH
Drive:Rear WheelAWDAWD
Drive Axle Ratio:

Car body and Dimensions

  • Seats: 5
  • Doors: 5
  • Battery capacity: 75 kWh 350 V lithium-ion
  • Boot space: 15 ft³
  • Height: 56 – 57″
  • Width: 73″
  • Length: 185″
  • Mass: 4,036 lbs

Interior Specifications/Features

2020 Tesla Model 3 Interior
Model 3 Variants:Standard Range PlusLong RangePerformance
Interior Trim:Metal, Wood & PlasticMetal, Wood & PlasticMetal, Wood & Plastic
Door Trim:AlcantaraAlcantaraAlcantara
Remote Engine Start:YesYesYes
Remote Key-less Entry:YesYesYes
Presence Key-less Entry:YesYesYes
Climate Control:Yes – Dual ZoneYes – Dual ZoneYes – Dual Zone
Adaptive Cruise Control W/Stop and GO:YesYesYes
Blind Spot Technology:YesYesYes
Lane Keep Assist:YesYesYes
Adaptive Steering:YesYesYes
Audio Steering Wheel Controls:YesYesYes
Steering Wheel Type:Tesla SyntheticTesla SyntheticTesla Synthetic
Power Windows:YesYesYes
Power Locks:YesYesYes
12V DC Power Outlet:YesYesYes
Seat Material:Tesla SyntheticTesla SyntheticTesla Synthetic
Driver Power Seat:12 Way12 Way12 Way
Passenger Power Seat:12 Way12 Way12 Way
Driver Seat Lumbar Support:PowerPowerPower
Front Heated Seats:Multi LevelMulti LevelMulti Level
Rear Heated Seats:N/AMulti LevelMulti Level
Front Seat Type:BucketBucketBucket
Driver Seat settings:4 Setting4 Setting4 Setting
2nd Row Seat Type:BenchBenchBench
2nd Row Split Folding Seat:60/4060/4060/40
2020 Tesla Model 3 Interior Specifications/Features

Exterior Specifications/Features

2020 Tesla Model 3 Exterior
Model 3 Variants:Standard Range PlusLong RangePerformance
Body Style:SedanSedanSedan
Panaromic Moonroof:YesYesYes
Automatic Parking: Special OrderSpecial OrderSpecial Order
Heated Side Mirrors:YesYesYes
Memory Side Mirrors:YesYesYes
Folding Side Mirrors:Electric PoweredElectric PoweredElectric Powered
Power Side Mirrors:YesYesYes
Fog Lights: N/AYesYes
Headlight Type:LEDLEDLED
Taillight Type:LEDLEDLED
Daytime Lights: YesYesYes
Windshield Wipers:Rain DetectingRain DetectingRain Detecting
Front-Wheel Size:18 Inches18 Inches20 Inches
Rear-Wheel Size:18 Inches18 Inches20 Inches
Rim Type:Alloy Wheel Alloy WheelAlloy Wheel
Front Brakes Type:Aerate DiscAerate DiscAerate Disc
Rear Brakes Type:Aerate DiscAerate DiscAerate Disc
Suspension Type:Double WishboneDouble WishboneSports
2020 Tesla Model 3 Exterior Specifications/Features

Electric Motor and Warranty Information

Model 3 Variants:Standard Range PlusLong RangePerformance
Stock Charger:7.7 kW11.5 kW11.5 kW
DC Fast Charger:170 kW250 kW250 kW
DC Fast Charger Port:TeslaTeslaTesla
DC Fast Charging Rate:N/A1000 MPH1000 MPH
Battery Capacity:55.8 kWh78.3 kWh78.3 kWh
Level 1 Charging Duration:35.5 Hours50 Hours50 Hours
Level 2 Charging Duration:6.5 Hours 6.0 Hours6.0 Hours
Warranty Duration:4 Years4 Years4 Years
Warranty Miles: 50,000 Miles50,000 Miles50,000 Miles
EV Warranty Duration:8 Years8 Years8 Years
EV Warranty Miles: 100,000 Miles100,000 Miles100,000 Miles
Drive-train Warranty:8 Years8 Years8 Years
Drive-train Miles:100,000 Miles100,000 Miles100,000 Miles
2020 Tesla Model 3 Electric Motor and Warranty Information

Technology, Audio and Infotainment Features

Model 3 Variants:Standard Range PlusLong RangePerformance
Autopilot:Special OrderSpecial OrderSpecial Order
360° Camera:YesYesYes
12 Ultra Sonic Sensors:YesYesYes
160m Forward Radar:YesYesYes
Auto Park:Special OrderSpecial OrderSpecial Order
Software Updates:YesYesYes
Touch Screen:15 Inches15 Inches15 Inches
Premium Audio:YesYesYes
Satellite Radio:YesYesYes
HD Radio:YesYesYes
In-Built Wifi:YesYesYes
In-Built Gaming:YesYesYes
Voice Command:YesYesYes
Premium Connectivity:YesYesYes
Bluetooth Connectivity:YesYesYes
Custom Driver Profiles:YesYesYes
USB Ports:4 Ports4 Ports4 Ports
2020 Tesla Model 3 Audio and Infotainment Specifications/Features

Safety Features

Model 3 Structure is built with Aluminum and Steel materials combined to obtain structural rigidity and ensure max. strength and passenger safety. Model 3 achieved 5-Star NHTSA Rating with its Impact protection at front end, very low rollover risk and its rigid structure.

Model 3 Variants:Standard Range PlusLong RangePerformance
NHSTA Rating:5 Star5 Star5 Star
Impact Protection:YesYesYes
Rigid Structure:YesYesYes
Brake Assist:YesYesYes
Automatic Braking:YesYesYes
Forward Collision Warning:YesYesYes
Rear Cross-Traffic Alert:YesYesYes
Pedestrian Detection:YesYesYes
Lane Keep Assist:YesYesYes
Blind Spot Warning:YesYesYes
Stability Control:YesYesYes
Back Up Camera: YesYesYes
Curtain Airbags:Front & RearFront & RearFront & Rear
Side Airbags:FrontFrontFront
Knee Airbags:YesYesYes
2020 Tesla Model 3 Safety Features
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